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The city of Chula Vista appointed two community members to become a part of the seven-member Planning Comission in late September. 

Jimmy Combs, an assistant Civil Engineer, and Bryan Felber, a former planning commissioner were appointed by the Chula Vista City Council to fill the two vacant seats on the Planning Comission. Former commissioners Javier Nava and Gabriel Gutierrez served the maximum time of two consecutive terms, creating vacancies for one qualified professional and one at-large member. 

According to Chula Vista’s municipal code, persons qualified for these seats should include architects, landscape architects, land planners, urban planners, civil engineers, and other design professionals with relevant experience. 

Jimmy Combs is an assistant civil engineer with the city of San Diego and a Chula Vista Resident for the past 20 years. He chairs Chula Vista's Board of Appeals and Advisors.He serves on the planning commission as a Qualified Professional

When asked about the goals of the Planning Commission on his application, Combs said it is to “ensure that everyone impacted by the project gets his or her voice heard. Our Constitutional right to due process is vital, and the Planning Commission is one way this happens—at least in neighborhood development.”

Bryan Felber is a former specialist in contracts and procurement who has lived in Chula Vista for the past 40 years. He also teaches certificate classes at San Diego State University in related areas. He said he wants “to help Chula Vista wisely plan for the future”, and will serve the planning commission as an At-Large Representative.  

Chula Vista Mayor Mary Casillas Salas welcomed Felber back to the planning commission and thanked him for his first eight years of service. 

“We appreciated your service in the first eight years. You were very conscientious and I know you will continue that work,” Salas said during a Sept. 27 city council meeting. 

Combs also received welcoming words from Mayor Salas. 

“I know you will do just as good of a job as you did on the Board of Appeals and Advisors,” Salas said. 

The Planning Commission works in conjunction with the Development Services Department and serves as the official planning agency of Chula Vista. According to the city, commissioners evaluate major land use proposals in terms of their impact on the City, conducts public hearings on significant planning, zoning, and land subdivision matters, and recommend action and policy to the City Council.

The Planning Commission also guides the preparation for The General Plan and Specific Plans. 

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