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The deadline to file income taxes for 2021 is Monday, April 18.

People who cannot file their returns even today can apply to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for an extension of six months.

Taxpayers who have not declared so far and do not file today and are late may face fines.

According to TurboTax, penalties can be as high as 5 percent of the amount owed for every month you're late. The maximum amount taxpayers can be penalized is 25 percent of the total amount owed.

The IRS began processing 2021 income tax returns on January 24. 

As of April 1, the IRS reported receiving nearly 42 million self-prepared e-filed returns, and 45.9 million private and professional tax services filed. 

People who earned less than $73,000 in the year and have not yet filed their taxes can apply for the IRS Free File service.

Tax taxpayers who received unemployment and child tax credit should have those totals when filing through the IRS or professional tax filing services.

Monday is also the deadline for people who declared taxes in 2018, have refunds, and have not yet requested them.

The COVID-19 pandemic also caused some changes. On 2021 returns, there is no longer a cap or age limit set at 64 or younger for workers to qualify for the earned income tax credit.

The AARP is pushing to extend that tax break for older workers after 2021.

Those who need more information and details about tax returns can go to the page

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