by Photo courtesy of San Diego County jail

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the death of an inmate who suffered a medical incident and later died at a local hospital. 

Sheriff's deputies were notified on Sept.18 that two jail inmates were unresponsive in their cell, the department announced in a statement. Authorities and medical staff responded by performing CPR and administering Naloxone to the men.

According to the department, paramedics transported the men, 33-year-old and 38 years-old to a local hospital for treatment. Authorities have not released the names of these individuals. 
The 38-year-old man fully recovered and was sent back to the San Diego Central Jail. The 33-year-old man remained at the hospital under treatment by hospital staff, but on Sept. 21, he succumbed to his condition. 

The department’s Homicide Unit is investigating the matter. 

Authorities have not provided additional information regarding this incident. 

A bill that aims to improve mental health care, medical services, and safety standards in California jails passed both chambers of the state Legislature earlier this month. Authored by San Diego  Assemblywoman Dr. Akilah Weber, Assembly Bill 2343, also known as the Saving Lives In Custody Act, must be signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom before it becomes law. 

The bill comes after the release of a state audit that found San Diego jails had the highest mortality rate among California’s largest counties. 


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