by Photo by Estephania Baez

A Russian man who slept at the San Ysidro port of entry for the second night in a row told Chula Vista Today "Russian people are good people". 

The American Dream was not on their mind, but they opposed the war that their country began against Ukraine, fled, and now they can't get across to the United States. 

They are children, families, and they've established a camp despite Mexican authorities giving them a letter both in Russian and Spanish that explained they are free to use the shelters in Tijuana. They are refusing to leave as they wait for an opportunity. 

Russians told Chula Vista Today that they are being treated differently from Ukraine citizens seeking asylum. 

Authorities tell Russian asylum seekers that they are not allowed to cross under the Title 42 code, a 1944 code addressing public health during former President Donald Trump's administration to prevent migrants from entering the country. 

Under this policy, Customs and Border Protection agents can immediately remove anyone entering the country instead of providing them the opportunity to seek asylum.

Paul and Olga arrived on Thursday, and on their first night, they slept like refugees. Paul detailed the nightmare they were living in their home country:

"To some People were sent several obligations, like you have to go to the military enlistment service," said Paul.

When Chula Vista Today asked the couple how they felt being treated differently from the Ukrainians, they said, "Ukrainians first". 

"I feel like I don't have the moral right to do so because it's my country the aggressive one, the one that is destroying their lives," said Paul, while Olga added, "Ukrainians first". 

Mexican authorities removed the Central American camp at the pedwest port of entry only a few weeks ago. It has become what looks to be the new migration camp. 

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