by Photo by Manuel Ocaño

Doctors, athletes, lawyers, and civil organizations develop several local projects to help Ukrainians who arrive in San Diego County and those who remain in Polish refugee camps and mainly on the front lines against the Russian invasion.

The House of Ukraine in Balboa Park has become an assistance center for Ukrainian immigrants who arrive in San Diego with humanitarian permission and supply those now on the front lines.

Mr. Makysm Bodnard, on the board of directors of the House of Ukraine, said that his organization desperately asks for medical materials that can keep soldiers and the wounded alive during the Russian bombardments.

A Chula Vista resident, Jonathan Brook, is in Kyiv, where he brought ten suitcases and duffel bags with surgical kits and other emergency medical supplies.

The Jewish Family Services (JFS) organization helps Ukrainians arriving through Tijuana to San Diego with temporary housing.

The La Jolla Church of Music provides legal assistance to some families.

The Emerald City Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics is now raising funds to bring San Diego, a group of female gymnasts aged 16 and 22, into shelters in Kyiv.

On Monday, San Diego County Supervisor Joel Anderson sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking that the federal government send additional financial assistance to counties receiving Afghan and Ukrainian refugees.

A San Diego business attorney and Ukrainian immigrant, Natalie Moores, has often crossed the border and helped at least a dozen Ukrainian families enter San Diego in coordination with JFS and the House of Ukraine.

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