by Photo courtesy of OnScene T.V.

A male driver heading in the wrong direction on southbound Interstate 5 collided with a female driver on Friday who was entering the freeway on-ramp from E St. in Chula Vista. 

The female driver of a Volkswagen entered the I-5 on-ramp with her grandmother at approximately 11:25 a.m. when a male driver of a Nissan came out of the vegetation area of the gore point between the E st. off-ramp and the on-ramp, according to OnScene T.V.

According to OnScene T.V., the driver of the Nissan may have had a medical episode that caused him to leave the roadway, into the wooden vegetation area, through a homeless encampment, and out onto the ramp. He collided with a k-rail wall and then the Volkswagen once he got back on the roadway. 

The collision caused the Volkswagen to stop in the traffic lane, as the Nissan veered off into the bushes. Good Samaritans that observed the collision stopped and helped the victims. 

No one was injured in the collision. 

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