Chula Vista police are looking for unknown assailants who have shot pedestrians at least nine times with Airsoft Guns from moving cars in what appears to be a social media challenge. 

Chula Vista Police Department spokesman Lt. Dan Peak said the assailants appear to be teenagers responding to a challenge on social media and are unaware they could face charges of assault with a deadly weapon, such as a firearm.

There are nine reported cases and CVPD has received more than 40 phone calls from Chula Vista residents who witnessed the attacks.

The unknown assailants use colored beads that increase in size and harden when they contact water.

So far, no one has been considered injured, but the police have warned that if the shots hit someone in the eye or cause an accident, the crime will become serious.

Shooting pedestrians with airsoft guns from moving vehicles "is a ridiculous game that can have serious consequences," Peak said.

According to Peak "it is not considered a game, but assault with a deadly weapon. So they have to know that if arrested, they are going to have to go to the correctional facility."

In the most recent incident, a married couple was walking through Eastlake. 

A group of teens shot the couple in the face and body from a vehicle and then drove away. 

Police have asked Chula Vista residents about the attacks to provide information leading to the identification of the unknown shooters.

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