Authorities shot and killed a woman who, while resisting an eviction, stabbed a San Diego police officer.

San Diego Police Lt. Matt Dobbs said 47-year-old Yan Li armed herself with a kitchen knife to prevent her from being evicted from a condominium near Little Italy.

Sheriff's officers carried out the eviction with the support of some police officers. Li stabbed one of the police officers in the chest with the knife.

The woman appeared with the knife and attacked the officer as he approached the entrance to the condominiums. 

Another San Diego police officer and three sheriff's deputies shot the woman in response.

Although this Wednesday, it was not clear if one of the sheriff's officers or the police fired the weapon that killed the woman, the San Diego police reported it.

The case is under investigation by the San Diego police. Lt. Dobbs said the homicide division reviews body camera video from officers involved in the case.

The incident occurred around noon Tuesday when sheriff's deputies showed up to comply with a Sheriff's Office of Judicial Affairs warrant.

The police officer has been on the job for more than 12 years, while the sheriff's deputies have 14, 23, and 29 years of service experience.

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