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California launched a new publicly funded website on Tuesday to provide information about abortion and reproductive health services to people inside and outside the state. features information such as abortions, their legal rights, where to find providers, how to pay for services and financial assistance, ways to locate wellness, emotional support, and more. According to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office, the website does not collect any personal information about visitors on the site. 

“Abortion is legal, safe, and accessible here in California – whether or not you live here, know that we have your back. As Republican states continue rolling back fundamental civil rights and even try to prevent people from accessing information online or crossing state lines for care, you’re welcome here in California and we’ll continue to fight like hell for you,” Newsom wrote in a statement. 

The website is available in Spanish and translated into several additional languages. Information is also available to people residing outside of California seeking to travel to access abortion or reproductive health care services. 

“People who seek abortion and related reproductive care are in a vulnerable place, particularly because of the obstacles they face, such as the lack of transportation, lodging, wage support or sick leave, and childcare. For that outside of California who seeks an abortion, these barriers increase exponentially. With the ongoing attack on the right to abortion in many other States, initiatives to increase protections are needed now more than ever,” said Senator Anna M. Caballero (D-Merced).

California’s budget includes $200 million to strengthen access to abortion and $1 million to build a site that promotes the services, the Associated Press reported. 

The website also includes information for immigrants who are living in the county without legal permission.  


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