by Photo by Manuel Ocaño.

Ammar Campa Najjar hopes to find common-sense solutions, if elected mayor of Chula Vista, for a new post-pandemic face, including the redevelopment of the west and innovation of the east of the city, and the start of construction of the Bayfront project and the University of Chula Vista, among other plans.

The 33-year-old Democrat said in a television interview that he hopes to bring innovation to the Chula Vista government.

According to Campa Najjar, a Chula Vista native, he is the only one of the six candidates businessmen and unionists equally support.

He is also the mayoral hopeful with the most donations at close to $110,000. His average campaign donation is $60, making him the candidate with the most grassroots support.

Among other plans, Ammar Campa said that if he becomes mayor, he will ensure that the city hires 40 additional police officers, guarantee equipment for firefighters, and guarantee services such as garbage collection.

He said he wants the government "new solutions to old problems."

If he wins the mayor's office, he will be the first Latino Arab official in the position. Ammar Campa's mother is a Mexican immigrant, she raised him in Chula Vista, and the candidate bears her first surname; his father is of Palestinian descent.

Ammar Campa recalled that his first job was as a janitor at the Eastlake Community Church.

The other contenders for the Chula Vista mayoral election are Zaneta Encarnación, chief of staff at Southwestern College, Councilmember Jill Gálvez, Councilmember John McCaan, and business owner Rudy Ramírez, businessman and a former councilmember, and Spencer Cash.

The primaries are June 7, the mayoral election in November. The current mayor, Mary Casillas Salas, leaves office in December after two terms as mayor.

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