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Ammar Campa-Najjar is officially in the November Runoff General Election to contend as Mayor of Chula Vista, according to an update from the Registrar of Voters. 

The former Obama administration official had a 460 vote lead over the fellow candidate and Councilwoman Jill Galvez. A Monday update from the Registrar of Voters showed the difference between Campa-Najjar and Galvez of 898 votes with 22 percent and 20 percent, respectively. 

“I just received a gracious phone call from Councilwoman Jill Galvez congratulating us on our win. I want to thank Jill for her service to our city and our District 2 residents,” said Campa-Najjar on Tuesday via Social Media. “I am looking forward to continuing our work together to improve Chula Vista.

Former congressional candidate, Campa-Najjar is running against City Councilman John McCann, who is in the lead at 30 percent, in the general election to take the spot held by long-time Mayor Mary Casillas Salas. 

“This election isn’t about the past 20 years, it’s about the next 20. It’s not about what one Mayor can, it’s about what we’ll accomplish together. It’s about making sure every voice is heard, from East Chula Vista to West Chula Vista, young and old alike. It’s moving from broken promises and empty words, toward delivering on long-neglected projects and paving a path toward shared economic prosperity. In a word, it’s about moving us,” Campa-Najjar said. 

Campa-Najjar, McCann, and Galvez ran against fellow candidates Zaneta Encarnacion, Rudy Ramirez, and Spencer Cash. Campa-Najjar thanked them for running in the June 7 primary. 

“I’d like to also thank Zaneta Encarnacion, Rudy Ramirez, and Spencer Cash for running and for their ongoing commitments to serve,” Campa-Najjar said. “We may have battled fiercely, but it’s only because we love this city deeply and care strongly about its future.”

According to the Registrar of Voters update, Encarnacion received 5,185 votes, Ramirez received 2,730 votes, and Cash received 2,624 votes. 

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