by Courtesy of Celebrando Latinas Boutique

Celebrando Latinas Boutique will celebrate its first anniversary on March 3, as a space for female entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products, encourage one another, and share their collective experience of running a small business during the pandemic. 

Community members are invited to shop, network, and enter a raffle for a chance to win prizes from 4 to 7 p.m. at 1105 Broadway, STE 206. The event comes in tandem with Women's History Month, which is observed through March 31. 

There are currently 20 small businesses that showcase their products at the boutique, which opened nearly a year ago as an opportunity to alleviate the difficulties some small business owners faced during the pandemic. 

In an interview with El Latino, the Boutique’s founder, Fanny Miller said she had invited entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way in life, because “sometimes we are given too many opportunities, and we complain… I would have done it that way, but the would have does not exist.”

“This is a space without any danger for us, to be able to share the good and the bad of what we have done in our businesses," Miller said.

According to Miller, who is CEO and President of El Latino Newspaper in San Diego, and founder of Celebrando Latinas, an annual event that brings together hundreds of Latina women, the boutique represents an expansion to support development and sustainability for women entrepreneurs in San Diego.

Those interested in attending are asked to RVSP for the event. 

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