There are almost 10 new COVID-19 infections per hour this week in Chula Vista. 

The COVID-19 infections have multiplied this week in Chula Vista compared to the week prior, according to the most recent report provided by San Diego County health officials. 

In the last week, there were 1,636 new infections in Chula Vista, equivalent to 9.7 cases every 

That's a 1,000 percent increase compared to the previous week when only 161 new cases were reported in Chula Vista.

 The notable increase in infections coincides with the relaxation of a mandate this week to allow people to stop wearing masks indoors if they are fully vaccinated but must use them if they still lack vaccines, although authorities did not link the increase in infections with the new measures.

It also coincided with increased economic activities from Valentine's Day. 

The next reading will include Presidents' Day.

The city of Chula Vista registered a total of 73,291 cases so far in the pandemic and as of Sunday.

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