by Photo by Manuel Ocaño

The city of Chula Vista will hold a special meeting on Friday to formally declare a State of Public Health Emergency due to the garbage that has overflowed containers.

The city also reiterated that crews of city workers have been collecting debris since Wednesday after Republic Services failed to honor its commitment.

A work stoppage by Republic Services workers demanding better working conditions hindered, and for weeks, suspended garbage collection since Dec.17. With the emergency declaration in the governing council, Chula Vista City Manager María Kachadoorian is authorized to decide on emergency actions. 

Some actions will be discussed during Friday’s meeting at city hall. 

City crews have been deployed since Wednesday to collect trash surrounding dumpsters at multi-family complexes to transport to the Otay Mesa Landfill.  Staff is picking up leftover trash because it attracts rodents, insects, and affects the community's quality of life.

At least 30 Community Services, Public Works, and Environmental Services employees were redirected to pick up and transport overflowing trash in multi-family homes.

Following multifamily and apartment units, the employees will proceed with commercial and industrial zones. According to the city, these teams of workers are only temporary.

The city manager authorized these crews to work overtime to complete the task. According to the proclamation approved by city council, Republic Services has failed to meet its obligation to collect and dispose of solid and recyclable waste.

It also reports that food, yard waste, and recyclables are improperly treated as garbage while service is not regularized.

According to the proclamation excess waste attracts pest infestations, while overflowing garbage, recyclables, and organic waste is polluting city streets and storm drains.

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