by Photo courtesy of Simon Silva

The city of Chula Vista mourns the loss of long-time Deputy City Attorney Simon Silva, who passed away on Saturday, Sept. 3 at the age of 56. 

According to city officials, Silva was in remission for over two years and was surrounded by his wife, Claudia, two daughters, and his brother at the time of his passing. 

“His quiet leadership, ethics, unparalleled knowledge of personnel and housing laws as well as his prior experience as a Sheriff’s deputy and as a Marine made him a force to be reckoned with. He will be greatly missed,” the city wrote in a statement.  

Silva was poised to oppose federal attorney Dan Smith in the general election next month for Chula Vista City Attorney. His name will remain on the city ballot, according to reporting from the San Diego Union-Tribune. 

Silva was a lawyer for 28 years and spent the last 12 years as a Chula Vista Deputy City Attorney. He has lived in Chula vista since 1997, when he and, Claudia, bought their first home.

Simon Silva and his brother grew up in Salinas, California. He was raised by his Dad, who first arrived in the US under the Bracero Program as a farm worker, and then became a sugar factory janitor. A key event in 6th grade drove Simon to become a lawyer.

“Simon Silva was a profoundly good person who lawyered the way he lived, with intelligence, humility, and the highest degree of integrity,” said City Attorney Glen Googins.

“He clearly loved what he did, and he was beloved in return, both by his colleagues within the City Attorney’s office and throughout the ranks of his City 'family.' The great loves of his life, though, were his wife, Claudia, and their two daughters, Gabriela and Isabel. I feel incredibly blessed to have had him as a close colleague and friend these past 12 years. We are all heartbroken by his sudden passing,” Googins continued.  

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