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The City of Chula Vista is establishing a Technology & Privacy Advisory Task Force to guide a process to develop policy recommendations governing the use of technology in City operations and services, including public safety,  traffic management, community services, economic development, and other service areas of the City. 

The draft policy and recommendations are planned to be presented to the City Council for consideration in the fall of 2022. The task force will study City technology, work with key stakeholders in the community, and develop informed policy recommendations designed to help the City protect individual privacy and enhance technology oversight while also delivering excellent public service. 

The task force will receive presentations from City staff and other experts designed to educate and inform task force members on how the City is using technology, how other cities are using technology, existing laws regulating privacy and the use of technology, digital equity, bias, and information security. Taskforce members will also have the opportunity to participate in community workshops at various locations in Chula Vista. 

The Technology & Privacy Advisory Task Force is accepting applications now through March 4, 2022. The City of Chula Vista is seeking a diverse group that represents a range of perspectives. 

Taskforce members will need to be a resident of Chula Vista; or be a resident of the San Diego region with experience or expertise in the subject matter of the task force. Preferred qualifications for task force members  include experience or expertise in one of the following areas: 

  • Digital privacy 
  • Emerging technologies 
  • Data management and information security
  • Community equity 
  • Local government 
  • Previous experience serving on an advisory board, committee, task force, or similar body in a public, private, or non-profit setting 

Interviews and selection of task force members will take place in March, with the initial task force meeting planned to be held the first week of April. City staff will be assisted by Madaffer Enterprises, Inc., a consultant hired by the  City to facilitate the development of policy recommendations. 

Taskforce agendas will be published in advance and meetings will be open to the public. Community members will have an opportunity to provide comments during task force meetings as well as during community presentations and workshops over the spring and summer. For more information on the task force or to submit an application, visit

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