by Photo courtesy of Horacio Renteria

Chula Vista residents may give their ideas on the city’s next steps regarding Harborside Park during a public meeting scheduled this coming week. 

The city scheduled the community meeting for Sept. 21 from 5-7 p.m. at the Harborside Elementary School on 681 Naples st. The meeting comes after the city approved a resolution to close down the park for 90 days due to public health and safety concerns spurred by illicit and criminal activities within homeless encampments. 

The city installed a chain-linked fence around the park’s perimeter on Aug. 31 after clearing all those residing within the 5-acre property, and hosted a connect event. The city’s decision costs nearly $350,000.  

According to city manager Maria Kachadoorian, the City’s Homeless Outreach Team would go to Harborside Park for years to offer support services to our unsheltered population. This happened every week along with the city’s non-profit partners.

The City and 12 non-profit and agency partners offered housing, social service, detox, and other support services to the park's residents during the connect event. The city reported about 30 individuals received services or housing during this event. 

Visit Chula Vista’s designated webpage for more information, or questions regarding Harborside Park. 



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