by Photo provided by the City of Chula Vista

The City of Chula Vista plans four annual sewer rate increases for about 50,000 homeowners.

This is an increase of $8.91 distributed over four years in July beginning this year.

Under the city's plan, the current monthly rate would continue unchanged until the last day of June this year. The city proposes that as of July 1, there will be an increase, and will continue to increase for the following three years. 

In figures, the city proposes that the current rate of $41.37 per month continue but in July, it increases by $1.86. In July 2023, the increase would be $2.16; and in July 2024 the rate will increase by $2.27. By July 2025, the increase is expected to reach $2.62.

In other words, the proposal is that the monthly rate that is now $41.37 will increase to $50.28 per month by the second half of 2025.

The city argues that it commissioned a study from Willdan Financial Services, an independent third-party financial consultant, that determined the suggested increases are necessary to cover the growing costs of maintaining the sewerage system. 

The city estimates that it has about 50,000 residential and commercial customers using the sewage utility.  

The sweage rate increases will be announced at Feb. 8 City Council Meeting at City Hall beginning at 5 p.m. to inform residents, and receive comments on the proposed increases.

People who wish to participate or comment on this hearing can previously request an appointment by emailing or they can call the same registry office at the telephone number (619) 691-5041.

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