A new ordinance requires for all guns in a home or near a home structure in San Diego County to be secured with a trigger lock or to be locked away in a container beginning Feb.25. 

The only exception is if the firearm is within the immediate control of an authorized person. The safe storage of guns was part of an ordinance passed Jan. 25, 2022 that also regulates non-serialized firearms and non-serialized pre-cursor firearm parts commonly known as ghost guns.

“Safe firearm storage saves lives and prevents gun violence,” said Nathan Fletcher, Chair of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. “Last year we introduced the measure. Earlier this year the rules were finalized, and now we’re delivering on our promise. The common-sense, safe storage guidelines that go into effect in our unincorporated areas will keep families safe, especially children.”

Acting Sheriff Kelly Martinez said, “Gun locks are an important safety measure that can provide critical time between someone having an impulse and taking action.”

The ordinance applies to all unincorporated areas of San Diego County 

 In 2019, there were 117 children and teenagers who were unintentionally killed with firearms, according to data from the Centers for Disease and Control. Over  1,160 children and teenagers took their own lives by using firearms in the United States. 

In that same year, 54 children and teens died by suicide in California due to the use of firearms. Studies have demonstrated the risk of suicide is higher in homes where a firearm is kept loaded or unlocked.

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