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San Diego County Tax collector Dan McAllister announced his office will begin mailing defaulted tax bills to property owners who have prior year unpaid property taxes. 

According to McAlister, the county is sending out 700 fewer defaulted bills compared to what was sent out last year. The defaulted bills total over $139 million.

“We appreciate San Diegans for paying what they owe; these taxes fund our public schools, first responders, and other essential services,” McAlister said. 

In June, the Treasurer-Tax Collectors Office (TTC) sent out reminder notices to late taxpayers warning of higher fees if their taxes go into default. All unpaid parcels will receive their defaulted bull in the coming week. 

“We work hard to inform homeowners of the late fees that incur as a result of non-payment, warning them along the way that additional penalties are coming,” said McAllister. “The results of this effort are underscored by our 99.1% collection rate this fiscal year – one of the highest in the state – which shows that the majority of San Diegans take the responsibility to pay on time seriously.” 

 The deadline to pay the 2021-2022 annual tax bill was June 30.  Under the California Revenue and Taxation Code, beginning July 1, each late bill will incur a 1.5 percent penalty each month, and an 18 percent annum that it remains unpaid.

There is a 10 percent penalty added for each late installment. 

According to McAlister’s office, the threat of increased penalties is not the only incentive for people to pay their taxes. Under California State law, the Tax Collector may sell any or all portions of properties that have been in default for five or more years.

Taxpayers are encouraged to make future payments via the free e-check payment system at 

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