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Disneyland announced this week that it is now enforcing its Magic Key no-show policy for keyholders with reserved visits to the park. 

Enforcement of the policy at Disneyland began this week and will not garner any penalties from past park infractions. 

The policy states that “Magic Keyholders who are a ‘no show’ for three reservations in a 90-day window will be unable to make park reservations for 30 days”. The 30-day suspension period begins the day after a third no-show and will continue even if the pass is upgraded to another pass during that time. 

To avoid no-shows, Magic Keyholders must use their reservations or cancel them. Magic Keyholders who enter the park any time before closing on the day of the reservation are not considered a no-show, and those who cancel a reservation by 11:59 on the day before are considered a no-show either. 

In the event of a two-park reservation, magic key holders are only required to enter one park to avoid the no-show status, according to Disneyland officials. 

The Magic Key system began in August 2021 and replaced the park’s annual pass program that ended in January 2021 during the extended coronavirus closures of the parks. It requires most holders to reserve specific dates to visit the parks, and there is a limited amount of reservations available per day. 

Visitors may not enter the "happiest place on earth" without a magic key. 

According to Disney officials, the park began enforcing the Magic Key no-show policy this week after a six-month grace period where the penalties for skipping an advance reservation were not imposed. 

Magic key annual passes range from the price of $399 and $1,399, with placeholders being able to hold two to six reservations at a time depending on their pass level. 

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