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San Diego County’s average gas price dropped to $5.763, the lowest it has been since April 29. 

The average price of gasoline has decreased 61 cents over a 37-day streak of gradual price reductions, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service. 

In San Diego County, the price of gasoline is 17.3 cents less than one week ago, 54.9 cents lower than one month ago, but $1.452 more than one year ago. 

The price of gasoline has dropped for its 38th consecutive day following an 18-day streak of increases, dropping 60.3 cents over that time period. According to gasoline experts, the steady decline is due to lower domestic demand for gasoline at the pump and a much lower global demand. 

“We’ve seen the national average price of gasoline declined for a fifth straight week, with the pace of recent declines accelerating to some of the most significant we’ve seen in years. This trend is likely to reach a sixth straight week, with prices likely to fall again this week,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy in a news release earlier this week. 

 De Haan said he forecasts the national average to fall $3.99 per gallon by mid-august. 

Commuters are faced with an average of a 16.4 cent decrease compared to one week ago, and a 54.2 cent decrease compared to a month ago at gas pumps throughout the nation. Yet, the average price is still $1.254 more than one year ago.

“Here at home, people are fueling up less, despite this being the height of the traditional summer driving season. These two key factors are behind the recent drop in pump prices,” Andrew Gross, an AAA national public relations manager said.

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