by Photo by Manuel Ocaño.

Beginning this Saturday, foreign visitors who plan to cross from Baja California to San Diego and Chula Vista with a visa must prove that they are fully vaccinated.

The United States government will begin to check the vaccination status of all visitors to the border who wish to enter the country. Proof of full vaccination status is required. 

The provision comes into effect in the first minute of this Saturday, January 22, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported in a statement.

The decision applies to foreign travelers with a visa who wish to enter the country by land from Mexico or Canada, and those who arrive by ferry.

The Department reported that it is a measure for essential and non-essential travelers.

The decision exempts US citizens and legal residents of the United States.

For 20 months, and until last November, the government prohibited non-essential border crossings, which amounted to people crossing the border with a visa.

In November, those restrictions were lifted, and border officials began randomly checking some travelers with visas for proof of vaccination.

Now the measure applies to all who are not foreign citizens or legal residents in the country. 

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