A former Navy Seaman who pleaded guilty to cyberstalking after repeatedly threatening, intimidating, and harassing a civilian woman and her family by posting unauthorized sexual videos of her was sentenced today to one day and one year in prison. 

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, a former Naval seaman Sergio Reinaldo Williams, 36, sent graphic sexual messages to a civilian woman and her family members on social media and posted sexual videos of her to a pornographic website without her consent or knowledge. 

Williams was stationed in Coronado at the time of the offenses and pleaded guilty earlier this year to a federal cyberstalking charge. Prosecutors said Williams and the victim briefly dated, then the woman attempted to cut contact with Williams because she became concerned that he “had an anger-management problem.''

Once Williams saw pictures of the victim with another man on social media, he began sending inappropriate messages to various family members, according to prosecutors. 

According to the plea agreement, Williams caused substantial emotional distress to the victim and her family with his virtual attacks.

Williams admitted to writing a Facebook message to the victim on Oct.11, 2020, saying: “I know it all. Don't worry about it the rest of the world will too. I felt your pain, now you're going to feel mine…you will remember me no matter what.”

After Williams posted the sex videos on the website Pornhub and the victim texted him about it, Williams replied: “You did this. Like I said, I felt your sting, now you’re going to feel mine.”

Williams also repeatedly threatened the victim, texting her “I'm always around and my eyes are everywhere” and, after she blocked him on social media, “U want it to be over with and this fade away, unblock me and video me…it will only get worse if u don’t.”

Williams' defense attorney, said his client “acted irrationally out of pain and hurt'' due to “his own — perhaps misguided –belief that he was in an exclusive relationship'' with the victim.

The sentencing memo states that he is "guilty, ashamed, and embarrassed for his involvement.''

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