A new record was set today for the average price of unleaded gasoline, priced nearly $4.73 a gallon. 

California as a whole nearly matches San Diego’s price, at $4.72 a gallon. The state sees the highest average gas prices in the nation.
Here in the Golden State, we are paying the most expensive prices for gasoline in the entire nation," said Doug Shupe of the Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA).

Now, drivers are paying $1.20 more per gallon on average than one year ago. The last record set in San Diego was in Oct. 2012.

According to Shupe, the reason behind these alarming numbers is the “upward pressure on crude oil prices”. 

A “more expensive summer-blend” has switched over to Southern California a few weeks ago, according to AAA. 

"That summer-blend fuel is more expensive to produce because it's made to less likely to evaporate in the warmer temperatures, and the cost of producing that more expensive fuel is passed along to consumers," Shupe said. 

Through websites such as GasBuddy or even Google Maps, San Diegans can find the cheapest prices in their areas. The AAA also has a mobile app to download where people can track deals and save money. 

According to Gas Buddy, Chula Vista residents can find the cheapest gas at J Street Liquor and Gas for only $4.25 a regular gallon and at Bobar Liquor at $4.29 a regular gallon. 


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