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Congressman Juan Vargas is committed to improving public safety in Chula Vista as a candidate to now represent the new constituency that includes the city in Congress.

“Without a doubt, security,” Vargas said when speaking with Chula Vista Today about his priorities.

"Unfortunately, we have seen that crime has risen quite a bit, and we have to work with the community," Vargas said. "There are federal government programs that we can bring in support of local authorities, but first we have to check where the problems arise, which may initially be small, but which grow.”

For the congressman who has partially represented Chula Vista since 2013, “the most important thing for any politician is to guarantee that the people who live in their district feel safe, in person, in their family, in their home; that is to say, that crime goes down.”

Vargas is also considering promoting the construction of new homes in the Chula Vista area.

"The cost of housing, for those who buy and for those who rent, is very high, and that is due to the lack of houses," Vargas said. 

“Right now, even though houses are so expensive, if they put them up for sale, they sell fast and this is because there are not enough available houses not only in Chula Vista but in the entire county,” he explained.

The solution, according to the candidate, is “that we have to build more houses, and include some that are not so expensive. Now we see that the houses they are building are enormous; They weren't like that before."

In his cover letter to the electorate, the congressman said he "represented part of Chula Vista for a long time, people know that I have listened to them when they tell me what they need, not only now as a representative in Congress, but also as a state senator.”

Because of that experience, "I think they will support me in the election as they have done in the past," he said.

For now, Vargas is only facing activist Joaquín Vázquez, who announced his candidacy last month.

Vargas now also intends to promote the construction of the University of Chula Vista. "We have already seen with the San Marcos experience that it can be done, and we need our university for our young people, a university that is very important for all of Southern California."

Congressman Juan Vargas is a candidate for the new electoral district 52, a new demarcation that arises from the redistricting process based on the census population count.

Right now, Chula Vista's representation before Congress is divided into two zones that represent Congresswoman Sara Jacobs and Juan Vargas. This year all of Chula Vista is district 52. Vargas has represented the 51st district, which now no longer represents the entire border strip of San Diego and Imperial counties.

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