by Photo courtesy of Fourth District Court of Appeal

Governor Gavin Newsom nominated Judge Patricia Guerrero, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, for the position of first Latina justice on the California Supreme Court.

Guerrero was born in Imperial County but practiced in the San Diego Superior Court as a family judge.

Her grandparents and her parents, from the Mexican state of Sonora, worked in the field so that the magistrate could study law at the University of California at Berkeley (UCB) and then a doctorate in jurisprudence at Stanford University.

In the San Diego court, she was appointed supervising judge of the family court in 2013, and four years later she was appointed judge of the Fourth California Court of Appeals.

If the governor's nomination is approved, Judge Patricia Guerrero will be the first Latina on the state Supreme Court of Justice.

The judge has not given interviews to the press since her nomination, but the governor released a video of a conversation with Guerrero after informing her that she had been nominated for the position.

Guerrero recalled in that talk that her mother instilled the habit of reading since she was a child and the conviction that she could become whatever she set out to be.

Judge Newsom told her that now she is an example for other California girls to understand that they can be anything they set out to be.

Judge Guerrero, 41, also worked at the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Diego between 2002 and 2003.

The magistrate has the opportunity to join the Supreme Court because President Joe Biden appointed one of the judges of that court, Gonzalo Curiel, for a federal position.

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