A couple of Latino candidates have presented themselves as the first candidates to replace the outgoing legislator Lorena González, for the 80th district, which includes Chula Vista, in the state assembly.

Georgette Gómez and David Álvarez are both former San Diego aldermen and both Democrats separately announced their intention to fill the state House seat.

The special election, which will take place on April 5, is shaping up to be a contest between Latino candidates to win a Latino majority electorate.

Nearly 7 out of 10 voters in the 80th district are Latino. The district consists of 69.4 percent Latinos, 23.1 percent Caucasian, while Asians, African Americans and Native Americans make up the remaining electorate.

Some current Assembly members, also Democrats from San Diego County, came forward to express their support for Gómez, who stood out as an environmental leader before serving as a city councilmember. 

"In these times, our community needs bold and visionary Latina leaders like Georgette Gomez to fight for justice, opportunity and the brighter future that every South County family deserves," County Supervisor Nicole Vargas said.

David Álvarez began sending his supporters emails in which he now includes his campaign logo in shades of blue with a raised left fist.

“I am proudly running for this special election and hope you will allow me to continue to communicate with you about our grassroots campaign. I am committed to working hard and bringing my service-oriented experience to Sacramento to help make a difference in California,” Alvarez wrote in a statement. 

Georgette Gómez left her position as a city council member in 2020 to unsuccessfully run for congress.

David Álvarez was a San Diego councilmember between 2010 and 2018. He was also a mayoral candidate for San Diego. 

Lorena González announced last week her retirement from the assembly, or lower house, to serve as president of the California Federation of Labor, the state affiliate of the powerful AFL-CIO.

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