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Chula Vista native Francine Maigue succumbed to cancer last night, and those who remember her agree to remember her for her compassion.

“Francine was a very bright light for our community,” the Labor Leader Lorena González Fletcher told Chula Vista Today. 

Francine, of Filipino descent, was an aide to González Fletcher as an assemblywoman representing District 80.

On remembering her, Lorena González said that "Francine gave her heart to her Filipino community in San Diego, promoting cultural events, award ceremonies and meeting the needs of the community."

On a daily basis, Francine would tour the South Bay area, organizing diaper drives for mothers with babies in need, giving away food to vulnerable people, and honoring the work of others in her hometown of Chula Vista and the region at large, Gonález Fletcher said.

Lorena González, who now chairs the California Federation of Labor, was among the first people to report the death of her former assistant.

“Last night we lost the most beautiful, amazing, caring, creative, brilliant, compassionate, and loving woman, Francine Maigue, who served as our District Director for 8 years,” said Lorena González in a Tweet. 

“Not only was he a good person, but she was also the best person,” the labor leader said.

San Diego Bridge of Love founder Bertha Birdie Gutierrez couldn't hold back tears as she remembered Francine Maigue.

"For me, Francine was an angel on earth, I can't find any other way to describe her," Gutiérrez said in a conversation with Chula Vista Today.

She said that Francine “made everyone feel appreciated; I was surprised by her people skills because every day she was looking for how to help the community, who to help in the community, everyone, not just Filipinos or Latinos, everyone; she helped whoever she saw needed help.”

Because of this disposition, Bertha Rodríguez and Francine Maigue became close friends and allies, since the two agreed on their constant intention to do good for those in need in the region.

When Congressman Scott Peters learned of Francine Maigue's death, he searched through his memorabilia, and "I found this photo," he said, showing a photo of the lawmaker hugging Maigue.

He recalled that “Francine was a great resource and friend to me; and for many”.

Pedro Ríos, the director of the American Friendly Services Committee in San Diego, said that "Francine was always very kind and attentive to our requests on issues related to District 80, ensuring that our questions were addressed."

Ríos assured that "she and the level of professionalism with which she carried out her work will be missed."

In an afterthought of her loss, Lorena González expressed that “after surviving cancer with more strength, dignity, and grace than seemed humanly possible, Francine will now dance with the angels. She selflessly served our communities and loved each day. Rest in peace, power, and love, my sweet friend. We love you".

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