State legislators declared their intention to make California a national sanctuary state for an abortion, ahead of the possibility that the Supreme Court will ban the practice in 26 states.

Senate President pro-Tempore Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) is leading a women's legislative group that is preparing a package of legislative initiatives that, among other measures, will continue the practice of abortion in the state. It will continue even if it is prohibited in various parts of the nation. 

“We will never back down from attacks on the civil and human rights of women in America,” Atkins said.

The group of legislators has the support of Gov. Gavin Newsom, who in December said that in California, "we will be a sanctuary state" for abortion.

The sanctuary proposal includes assistance with transportation and lodging costs. This will be available for women coming from other states where abortion is prohibited by the Supreme Court decision. 

The proposition would allow California to use this type of help, and the medical practice of abortion, part of the surplus of 31 billion with which the state begins 2022, to avoid resorting to federal funds.

The state would also absorb the costs of abortions for Californian women who lack insurance or lack resources. The package of initiatives proposes to protect doctors and people involved in abortions from potential criminal charges.

They also propose a pilot program in which county governments direct funds and support to community clinics, to reach women with lower incomes and limitations such as language, among other goals.

"We will not allow the policies of other states to leave us with no choice in our bodies," Atkins said.

The proposal for a national sanctuary is supported by all civil organizations for family planning, health, and women's. 

The Family Council of California has expressed itself against it, which considers that 45 recommendations issued by legislators are "worship of abortion", and that the state would pay for abortions performed in the country.

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