by Photo courtesy of the Lucky Duck Foundation

The Lucky Duck Foundation expanded its organization to include teenagers, known as Lucky Ducklings, who will take an active part in alleviating the suffering of vulnerable neighborhoods across San Diego county. 

The youth-led movement aims to teach youth about homelessness, provide volunteer opportunities and raise money to support the group’s collective mission in alleviating homelessness. On Monday, some of the ducklings spent some time at the Lucky Duck Foundation (LFD) food and water distribution event in partnership with the San Diego Sheriff's Department kitchen. 

The group is open to school and youth groups throughout San Diego County to volunteer, fundraise, learn more about homelessness, and give back to the community.

Though the primary age is high school students, middle school youth are welcome to participate. Program participants will utilize social media outreach to educate peers about homelessness and encourage others to get involved.

The ducklings will volunteer to support homelessness initiatives, including at the LDF Food & Water Distribution events

“We are very excited to support and encourage the efforts of local youth in playing a constructive role in alleviating the suffering of homelessness,” said Drew Moser, our Executive Director. “We will provide Lucky Ducklings participants with guidance, resources, and learning opportunities, and then encourage them to develop their programs to make a meaningful difference addressing homelessness in their own distinct and creative ways.”

The LDF first announced this new group of volunteers in September 2021, where they debut their partnership with a North-County-based non-profit organization Kids4Community, which encourages youth to help their communities. 

The youth-led non-profit was founded by Kenan Pala, a Lucky Ducklings participant, advisory chairperson. 

This spring the LDF is sponsoring a homeless innovation challenge, where ducklings have a chance to present their unique ideas for projects or strategies for tackling homelessness. The ideas judged to have the most merit will get funding.

To learn more about the Lucky Ducklings and get involved, visit the  Lucky Ducklings sign-up page

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