by Photo courtesy of Lucky Duck Foundation

The Lucky Duck Foundation made a $1 million investment to launch and expand a region-wide employment job training initiative to provide work opportunities and on-the-job training for individuals experiencing homelessness. 

The grants will fund new programs across several verticals, including construction, culinary training, food rescue, community beautification, Transition Age Youth (TAY), conflict resolution, and more. According to the nonprofit, there were over 500 individuals who benefitted from these programs. 

“More individuals in San Diego experiencing homelessness cite employment as the key factor in ending their homelessness than affordable housing,” said Drew Moser, Lucky Duck Foundation’s Executive Director. “This $1 million investment provides critical funding to create training opportunities and jobs for as many as 650 individuals, with the ultimate goal of helping people secure long-term employment to help break the cycle of homelessness.” 

Several efforts will be funded through this initiative, which includes The Salvation Army’s food rescue program in partnership with Feeding San Diego. This initiative has already employed 10 individuals and rescued more than 475,000 pounds of food. 

The San Diego College of Continuing Education’s PATHWAYS program will also receive funds. The program provides access to its more than 75 certificate and training programs, paid internships, comprehensive case management, transportation, basic needs, laptops, and more. The program serves all states of homelessness. 

A total of 10 organizations were selected from a competitive pool and can be viewed on the Lucky Duck Foundation website. 

“We are excited about the opportunity to train our homeless youth about the value of not just getting a job but keeping a job to help them stay off the streets for good,” said Eric Lovett, Founder & CEO of Urban Street Angels, a recipient of funds. “They say ‘a job is what you are paid for but a calling is what you are made for.’ Thanks to the Lucky Duck Foundation’s support, we are able to help our youth find their passion and calling to do and be whatever they set their mind to.” 

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