by Photo courtesy of Jerrod Villiere of UT San Diego

The husband of Maya Millete, the missing Chula Vista mother, appeared Monday at the South Bay court for a preliminary hearing.

Dressed in navy blue overalls that distinguish prisoners, Larry Millete attended the hearing in the company of his lawyer, Bonita Martínez.

The lawyer asked for more time to prepare the defense to prepare for the preparatory hearing on May 12. Later, in June, Larry Millete will be presented for examination.

Since October, Larry Millete, 40, has been in custody on charges of murder and illegal possession of an assault rifle.

His lawyer tries to base her defense on the fact that the body of Maya Millete, a mother of two children, has not been found and, therefore, there is no evidence of homicide.

San Diego County District Attorney, Summer Stephan sais after the arrest that she would not allow the murder to go unpunished just because the murderer was very good at hiding the body.

Maya Millete disappeared more than a year ago, on Jan. 7, 2021.

The CBS network dedicated an episode on its investigative program 48 Hours to the case of the young mother on the anniversary. It revealed that Larry Millete had become obsessed with his wife, whom he believed he would lose, to the point of resorting to witchcraft or sorcery.

It mentioned that the night Maya Millete disappeared, the neighbors heard a noise similar to a gunshot, but no one has been able to confirm that it was a shot.

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