A monsoon weather pattern for San Diego County was predicted to continue through this week, leading to a daily risk of thunderstorms, mainly during the afternoons over the mountains, the National Weather Service said.

Modest drying was expected to lead to fewer thunderstorms early this week, but moisture appears to increase late in the week, the NWS said.

High clouds covered some of the high desert Sunday morning, while patchy low clouds appeared at the coast. The low clouds had greater coverage over the water, but little appearing over land.

"Moisture and instability in our atmosphere Sunday have taken a big step down from Saturday,'' forecasters said. “We'll still get a few thunderstorms this afternoon in the mountains and less likely in the deserts. Hot summer weather — a few degrees above average — was expected to continue Sunday, but today's heat is a baby step down from what it has been the last few days.''

Seasonally warm mid-summer weather was predicted to prevail, along with elevated humidity.

High temperatures along the coast Sunday were predicted to be in the lower 80s with overnight lows in the upper 60s. Highs in the western valleys were expected to be around 90, and in the mid-90s near the foothills with overnight lows of around 70. Highs in the mountains were expected to be in the lower 90s with overnight lows of around 70 and highs in the deserts were predicted to be 95 to 105 with overnight lows in the upper 70s.

There was no discernible change in the upper air pattern over the next five days or so, the NWS said, and only a barely discernible change in moisture and instability.

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