by Photo by Manuel Ocaño

Only 1 in 4 contributions for some Chula Vista mayoral candidates are local.

Contributions for Councilman John McCann and Ammar Campa Najjar are at least 75 percent from outside the city.

The Voice of San Diego released the information.

In McCann's case, of 110 contributions, only 22 were from Chula Vista, including one he gave himself for $65,000.

Ammar Campa Najjar is the applicant who has received the smallest contributions totaling close to $110,000, but only 89 of 385 donations have been from Chula Vista.

Zaneta Encarnación is the candidate who has received the most campaign money but, still, of 514 contributions, from Chula Vista, there are only 177.

Councilmember Jill Gálvez has nearly as many from outside in Chula Vista, 64-66.

Former councilmember Rudy Ramírez is the only one of the six mayoral candidates who has received more local contributions than outside the city. In the case of Ramírez, 73 contributions are from Chula Vista, and 57 are from other places.

The primaries will be on June 7 and the final election in November this year.

After two terms in office, Mayor Mary Casillas Salas will leave office in December.

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