by Photo courtesy of OnScene T.V.

San Diego Firefighters assisted a stabbing victim in South San Diego who allegedly sustained his injuries at Harborside Park in Chula Vista. 

San Diego Fire Fighters of Fire Station 30 were training at a Walmart parking lot near Saturn Blvd and Palm Avenue when some people notified them of a male stabbing victim nearby in the brush, reported OnScene T.V. 

Fire authorities found the victim and were able to get him an ambulance to transport him to a local hospital to treat several stab wounds to the back, neck, and head. 

According to reporting from OnScene T.V the man told San Diego Police officers at the scene he was stabbed at Harborside Park in Chula Vista, made his way to the Palomar Street Trolley Station, then went south to the Palm Avenue Trolley Station, making his way to a homeless encampment behind the Walmart. 

Chula Vista Police Sgt. Anthony Molina confirmed the department was notified about the incident and checked the area. The city of Chula Vista voted to temporarily close Harborside Park in late August due to concerns of reportedly illicit activities.

The five-acre property will be closed for 90 days

Sgt. Molina said the department did receive a request to check the area, but never took over the investigation. The San Diego Police Department was the responding agency. 

There is no additional information on the incident or the victim’s status. 

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