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Tens of thousands of supernatural sightings have been documented ever since records began, but new research shows that San Diego ranks second for the most sightings in the state of California.

California has the highest amount of paranormal sighting experiences in the United States, with just over 22,045 sightings recorded, according to Great Lakes Stakes

San Diego has recorded at least 596 of both UFOs and ghosts, but Los Angeles tops the list at 653. 

Texas reigns as home to the most spirit sightings with 7,382 documented reports, while California is dubbed as the "extraterrestrial capital" with 15,072 UFO encounters.

According to GLS, this is twice the number of extra-terrestrial encounters recorded in Florida, which ranks second overall with 7,513 reports. Washington ranks the third likeliest state to experience alien life at 6,720 reported sightings, followed by Texas and New York.

In contrast, both North Dakota and South Dakota have registered just 264 and 355 since records began.

"So if you’re on the lookout for alien life, steer clear from the Dakotas!," GLS said. 

Last June, the Pentagon released a statement that it had no explanation for 143 “unidentifed ariel phenomena'. 

The company said it analyzed the number of UFO and ghost sightings in all 50 states, using information from the National UFO Reporting Center and Ghosts of America

UFOs and ghosts sighting combined in California:

  1. Los Angeles- 653
  2. San Diego- 596
  3. Sacramento-368
  4. San Jose-327
  5. San Francisco 287 
  6. Fresno-271
  7. Bakersfield-233
  8. Modesto-176
  9. Long Beach-168
  10. Santa Rosa-142

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