by Photo courtesy of the Transplant Games of America

The City of San Diego will host the Transplant Games of America, one of the largest celebrations of life. 

The week-long event will kick off on July 29 through August 3 at the San Diego Convention Center at 8 a.m, where thousands of transplant recipients and living donors compete in recreational competitions to bring awareness, involve the entire transplant community, and increase the number of potential donors. 

Beginning in 1990, the Transplant Games honors giving the ultimate gift of life and highlights the need for donors. 

The Transplant Games are held every two years, but it is the first time held in San Diego. Organ recipients and living donors will compete in 20 events ranging from track and field, swimming, and basketball, to recreational cornhole, ballroom dancing, and darts. In addition to these medaling events, there are over sixty special events held throughout the games meant for all attendees. 

According to the event webpage, 40 state teams of transplant recipients and living donors will participate. Teams from Brazil, Australia, and India will also join. 

“These events not only serve as an opportunity for donor families, recipients, living donors, and professionals to engage with one another and share stories, but it celebrates donors who gave the selfless gift of life,” reads the Transplant Games of America webpage. “At the Transplant Games, recipients are given the chance to show the world that having a transplant is a second chance at a full, productive, and inspiring life as well as a display to their donor families what their gift means to them.”

On July 30, the Transplant Games of America will hold a parade starting at 9 a.m. that is free and open to the public. Transplant Games State Teams will march in honor of the opening of the 2022 Donate Life Transplant Games. The celebration will include floats, bands, and entertainment.

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