Southwest Airlines announced they will bring back alcohol services after several violent incidents ensued during flights. 

The airline said it will resume beer, wine, and hard liquor services beginning Feb.16. Non-alcoholic beverages will continue to include items such as water, Coke Zero, and hot chocolate. 

Beverage services are available on flights of 176 miles or more. 
"Customers have expressed a desire for more beverage options, so we're delighted to restore additional onboard offerings as a part of the Southwest hospitality that our customers know and love," said Tony Roach, vice president of Southwest customer experience and customer relations, in the news release.

According to the union representing Southwest Airlines flight attendants, the return of alcoholic beverage services is “unsafe and irresponsible.” 

"We have adamantly and unequivocally informed management that resuming sales of alcohol while the mask mandate is in place has the great potential to increase customer non-compliance and misconduct issues," Lyn Montgomery of TWU Local 556 publicly said. 

The pandemic has exacerbated unruly passenger behavior  In November, the Federal Aviation Administration proposed a total of $161,823 in fines against passengers involved in alcohol-related incidents. 

The FAA announced last year was the highest for unruly passenger behavior and placed a “zero tolerance” policy as a result. Those in violation of the policy could face penalties that include fines and jail time. 

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