by Photo courtesy of the San Diego Humane Society

A stray dog found itself in a peculiar situation on Sunday after wandering into the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and managed to enter a gorilla enclosure, earning him the name “Mighty Joe Young”. 

Video footage shot by visitors of the Safari Park that circulated on social media shows a frightened stray shepard being chased off by one of the gorillas in the enclosure. The gorilla did not appear close enough to harm the dog, but it chased the Shepard to the enclosure’s rocky cliffside. 

According to the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS), Safari Park staff were shocked to see a dog inside the enclosure and called for assistance. The gorillas were moved to a separate area by Safari Park staff while the San Diego Humane Society Officers leashed the dog and brought him to safety. 

Mighty Joe Young is at the SDHS Escondido campus to receive care, and staff reported that he is extremely friendly and in good health. SDHS officials said Mighty Joe Young, who did not have a microchip or collar, will be held as staff search for his owner. 

“We are so for the San Diego Zoo staff for helping this lucky god get to safety and not fining him for sneaking into the park without a pass!,” the SDHS wrote in a statement.

The SDHS Tweeted that as of Monday morning, Humane Officer Brant, who was a part of the rescue, said the shepard  is doing well. 

“We are hoping his owner comes foward to the Escondido campus,” the SDHS tweeted. 


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