by Photo courtesy of the Helen Woodward Animal Center

The San Diego Humane Society will be welcoming more than 100 beagles by the end of August who is a part of a large-scale rescue from a Virginia-based company that breeds and sells animals for use in scientific testing.

The beagles are expected to arrive on Aug. 31 and will be transported to the San Diego Humane Society’s El Cajon Campus for intake and exams. Officials said the beagles will receive immediate care upon arrival.

Approximately 50-60 beagles will stay with the San Diego Humane Society until adoption, and the remainder will be placed with local rescue partners. 

“For our staff and volunteers, this day could not come soon enough,” said San Diego Humane Society President and CEO Dr. Gary Weitzman. “This has been one of the busiest and most challenging summers in recent memory. But we are here to help animals who need us. These beagles deserve this second chance and we’re very glad to be able to open our doors to them, just as we will soon ask our community to do.”

On July 24, the Helen Woodward Animal Center took in 43 beagles into their care for adoption. 

The removal of the beagles from a  company called Envigo comes after a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice in May that detailed violations of the Animal Welfare Act.  There are about 4,000 beagles removed in the large-scale rescue effort.  

Visit the San Diego Humane Society’s website to sign-up for email alerts about the beagles or to make a donation. 

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