by Photo courtesy of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund via GoFundMe

The State Department announced it had established a public-private partnership with GoFundMe to allow the public to donate funds to Ukrainians in need of support. 

The partnership with GoFundMe is designed to sector donation and individual giving to support relief organizations aiding those impacted by Russia’s assault on Ukraine. 

Created just over three weeks ago, the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund has raised more than $1.6 million for about two dozen nonprofits assisting with relief efforts in Ukraine. GoFundMe has partnered with include UNICEF, celebrity chef José Andrés' World Central Kitchen, and Doctors Without Borders.

About 16,000 people have donated to GoFundMe’s campaign. 

“As the military invasion in Ukraine escalates, millions of people are facing a serious humanitarian crisis and are in need of urgent assistance.  Together, we can support communities impacted by this devastating violence and the regions open to helping displaced people,” GoFundMe wrote in a description for the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund campaign. 

According to the campaign, all donations raised will be distributed to verified nonprofit organizations supporting vulnerable communities to obtain access to shelter, food, medical services, education, and psychosocial support, as well as other people impacted.

The State Department asked the public to help promote the campaign on social media, donors are encouraged to include the campaign’s website and the hashtag #UnitedWithUkraine in social media posts.

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