A vehicle accident in Chula Vista left three people dead and one more in serious condition this Saturday, police said.

The accident occurred before 4 p.m. on East H Street, East of interstate 805.

Police reported that the vehicle crashed head-on into a tree. He indicated that a Nissan Sentra vehicle traveled west when, for reasons still under investigation, it crashed head-on into a tree that is in the middle part that separates the flow of cars in both directions.

The four occupants were alive when the police arrived and tried to rescue the driver who, however, lost his life at the scene.

The other three people were taken to a hospital, where two of them died shortly after.

The only surviving person was declared seriously ill at the hospital.

The mishap is under investigation, and authorities have requested support from potential witnesses to the accident.

Anyone who knows what happened can report it to the Chula Vista Police Department Traffic Office at 619-409-5833.

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