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For more than 55 years, FRASA Corporation has participated in the positive development of Tijuana, according to Jaime Ponce, the company’s Commercial Director. 

The company is based on Passion-driven, detailed-oriented, forward-thinking, technologically solid, and environmentally conscious, according to Ponce. FRASA is a company based in Baja California that established new residential developments in Otay, Playas de Tijuana, La Cacho, and Zona Rio.

Their work is based on three fundamental pillars: Social Responsibility, Well-built foundations, and commitment to clients. 

“It is a company from Tijuana, one hundred percent. For the company in general and for all of us who work here, it is an important part of everything that is done. As a company, we feel a spirit of gratitude and intention of reciprocity towards the city,” Ponce said, referring to the connection that exists between it and the community.

Ponce highlighted the satisfaction that participating in the development of this border city represents for this business group. The company has been evolving not only in the products it offers but also in the segments it targets. 

"Tijuana was a city that grew without much planning,” said Ponce, who emphasized how proud they feel to have contributed to the development of Tijuana. “For many years we have been serving the social segment. We started with the sale of land in areas such as La Presa, an area of ​​great development, very important, with a lot of tradition and with many families of many years,” he said. 

FRASA has not only participated in building housing, but it has generated long-term relationships with its clients. Ponce credits the company’s relationship with clients to its commercial success.  

 “It's hard to get a buyback because of the investment size. We have been able to achieve that because many buyers are investors and who put their money, put their assets in the hands of what we are building because of that same trust that we have generated in ourselves,” Ponce said. 

According to Ponce, Tijuana is currently experiencing a “boom" in the construction of vertical housing.

“We started and were pioneers of that 'boom' with the San Carlos project and that was the gateway we had to a new type of product that we are currently marketing with great success,” Ponce said.  
FRASA has several successful housing and commercial projects, including MAGNITUD, a housing project within a commercial plaza 

“MAGNITUD was a total success, so we did the second part with AVENTO, which is what we are building right now. A project full of amenities, which architecturally has a very interesting proposal and has been to the liking of many people,” Ponce said. 

Ponce also highlighted COSTA by FRASA, a  real estate development project in the Playas de Tijuana delegation located on the seafront in the exclusive area called Costa de Oro, in which "now we are about to finish the delivery of the last units ”.

Among the most recent housing development projects, the so-called Céntrico by FRASA also stood out. It is located on Calle 6ta. and mutualism, which is the most residential area in the city center.

It is easily connected to the points of greatest interest in the city, but you have the peace of mind that you are in the center but in the residential area. There we have a project of 42 apartments on seven levels, with one floor (the eighth level) that is the roof with amenities.

“These projects were sold 100 percent in their construction stage, which is successful, as in the case of COSTA. It is very interesting for us that in these projects the number of clients that come from the United States, already Whether they are Latino or Anglo-American, represent a very important part of the participation of clients who purchased their condo with us in Tijuana,” Ponce said.

According to Ponce, a vast majority of people who have bought from FRASA are from foreign economies because they have their income, work, or currently reside outside of Mexico- the majority in the United States. 

Many customers, especially those residing in the United States, ask if they can access a housing loan in Mexico if they live, work, and have income in the United States. 

“Yes, they can. With the advantage that they are people who earn in dollars and benefit from the difference in the exchange rate in pesos, there are different options for them.  It means that over time the monthly payments are fixed, unlike many loans in the United States that can have variable rates. The rates are fixed, and the monthly payments are fixed. Let's say they don't move throughout the life of the credit, and since the income you have is in dollars and what you are going to pay is pesos, well, we already know and they know exactly how your dollars yield much more in Mexico when paying them in pesos”, Ponce said. 

For more information about FRASA or to receive a free consultation, visit or send an SMS to +52 664 3701109. 

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