by Photo by Manuel Ocaño

The wall built by former President Donald Trump has been perforated at least 3,272 times in three years, according to official information from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office.

The count is only of holes that strangers have made to the wall of iron pillars filled with sand that replaced the old fence of the decade of the 90s or built-in places where there was no fence.

Authorities attribute those holes to organized crime groups but acknowledge that some saws readily available in hardware stores are enough to make the holes.

According to the Washington Post's information, agents have found most gaps along the Arizona border.

The official drilling count does not include incursions over the top of the wall with folding ladders, holes under the fence, or other ways migrants cross the border.

According to the information, to cut the iron pillars filled with sand, the unknown people use cheap saws available in regular hardware stores, they cut several pillars close to the ground, and the posts are hung high.

The border patrol acknowledged that it invests millions of dollars in making weld patches on the initially considered impenetrable wall.

Trump spent $11 billion building the wall, which works out to $20 million for every mile of fence built.

There is no evidence that the wall has stopped the passage of undocumented migrants by itself.

The border patrol argued that it uses a combination of the wall, technological resources, and officers to stop migrants.

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