by Photo provided by Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center

Ruby Villalpando was born on Feb. 22 at 2:22 in the afternoon; that is to say, she was born under the ultimate palindrome at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. 

According to a hospital spokesperson, Ruby was born in the hospital's Number 2 maternity ward.

Yet another 2: Ruby is the second daughter of Sagrario Esmeralda Montaño and Oscar Villalpando.

The hospital proudly disclosed the palindrome birth in a statement featuring the staff involved in the delivery.

The obstetrician and gynecologist Mauricio Levine de Sharp, and the —again 2— nurses Berenice Sánchez and Gina Carrasco participated.

A photo obtained by Sharp shows that Ruby and her mother were fine and were resting before heading home.

Adaly Mejía was also born in Chula Vista on 2/22/22.

The Scripps Mercy Hospital in Chula Vista only issued brief information in which it said that Adaly is doing well with her mother Priscilla Sauceda next to her father, Alejandro Mejía.

The Kaiser Medical Center in San Diego reported in a statement that this 2/ 22/22 at 2:22 hours the baby Olivia Luna Morgan was also born.

Kaiser released a photo of the girl with her parents, Yesenia and Charles Morgan. The dad said they are “overwhelmed with joy and excitement; now he will have an amazing story that will tell about the day he was born."

According to the medical center, Olivia Luna's 6-year-old little brother Charlie is eager to protect his new little sister with his ninja skills.

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