by Photo by Manuel Ocaño

Dozens of Russian asylum seekers have formed a camp next to the pedestrian entrance of the San Ysidro port of entry after the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office blocked their way, but Ukrainians are passing by in a matter of minutes. 

Some Russian citizens reported through a translator that CBP only informed them about a change in procedure, but without providing further details.

Anton, a professor from St. Petersburg, told Chula Vista Today that all the Russian families found at the gate entrance have had to flee Russia because the government identified them as opponents of the Putin regime and anti-war protesters.

"The regime of Putin goes against Ukrainians and opposition Russians," he said.

The change in procedure occurred last Saturday when some Russian and Ukrainian families had already been allowed to enter the perimeter of the port of entry. Still, CBP told them they had to wait in Tijuana until Monday morning before entering the port of entry.

Then on Monday, officials allowed the Ukrainian families through but not the Russians. Since then, they have camped next to the gatehouse entrance while gradually more Russians arrive.

The Tijuana police liaison officer at the pedestrian checkpoint, Aarón Partida, told Chula Vista Today "as far as I know, they will not let them (the Russians) through."

"We already invite them to go to a shelter, so they don't stay here on the street, but they don't want to move from here."

Russians arrive in Mexico with a tourist visa, usually to Mexico City or some tourist point, and then fly to Tijuana.

Unlike the Ukrainian migrants who have found American legal assistance, the Russians camping at the checkpoint have no legal advice.

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