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Councilmember Jill Gálvez has her cell phone number on her campaign website, which she responds to when a Northwest Chula Vista resident calls for support or to report any matter that needs her attention.

“Please call me on my cell phone if I can ever be of help to you,” Gálvez's mayoral campaign website reads. 

"I published my number because I am passionate about helping, and my constituents know it," Gálvez told Chula Vista Today.

She gets excited when talking about occasions like one in which after having received several calls, met with a group of residents, and knowing their needs,  promoted an electric transportation service to the door of the homes of people over 55 years of age.

She said that the same process, of listening and meeting with her constituents is what lead her to prioritize the safety of Chula Vista neighborhoods, promote health, income by attracting better-paying jobs, and recreation, with beautification of parks and trails.

It is also considered a priority to finally get Chula Vista to have its university, on land already planned for that construction.

There are six contenders for mayor of Chula Vista in this year's election, and it's easy for Jill Gálvez to recognize some of her strengths as a candidate.

“I am the only one who has experience of decades of leadership,” she said, “I have the experience of leading a large number of people in a multi-million dollar (telecom) company for years and then being for the last three years a good councilwoman in the public sector”.

That combination allowed Gálvez to lead a process “to fix the city budget, which was in disrepair due to problems created by previous administrations.”

The councilwoman worked until Chula Vista's budget found stability, allowing residents to choose to invest in improving safety, infrastructure, and parks.

Jill Gálvez is the wife of Víctor Gálvez, an immigrant from Mexico City who studied at Southwestern College and is the mother of two young adults.

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